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The only portable seat partition that fits totally within your designated seat area.



Have a flight? Do it right!

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CREATE-A-SPACE ™ keeps individuals comfortably in the space that their seat is designed to hold. This eliminates overlapping into neighboring areas both above and below the armrest.


CREATE-A-SPACE™, Feel first class every time you fly

allows you to stay in your own space while keeping others in theirs

Business Travelers

More comfort
Less stress
Ensure your own space and needed elbow room to get your work done or relax

Leisure Travelers

More comfort
Less stress
Improve the experience when reading a book, watching a movie, or playing a game

Family Travelers

More comfort
Less stress
Enables parents with children to worry less about others around them

Step 1

Once in flight take your CREATE-A-SPACE™ out of your bag and remove the protective carrying pouch.