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Small and compact, just the size of a book and so simple that you can even set it up with one hand!

CREATE-A-SPACE ™ keeps individuals comfortably in the space that their seat is designed to hold. This eliminates overlapping into neighboring areas both above and below the armrest.

Step 1

Once in flight take your CREATE-A-SPACE™ out of your bag and remove the protective carrying pouch.

Step 2

Let the bottom hinged section fold down, and you are ready to place it on the armrest.

Step 3

Place the bottom panel between your seat and the seat cushion next to you.

Step 4*

Push the CREATE-A-SPACE™ against the armrest so that it overhangs approximately 1 inch around your side of the armrest, and adjust it forward or back on the armrest to comfort.

Step 5

If needed, align the openings to any buttons or ports on the inside of your armrest. Now sit back and enjoy traveling with less stress and more comfort, thanks to your CREATE-A-SPACE™.


As your seat continues to get smaller CREATE-A-SPACE™ helps you maintain the seat space that you have paid for.


*There are some older planes with armrest designs that are deeper than 3 inches. In these planes CREATE-A-SPACE™ is designed to be placed up against the armrest and does not go around and hang on the armrest. CREATE-A-SPACE™ will then keep people out of your space and from rubbing up against you.

CREATE-A-SPACE™ is not designed for airplane seats that have nonadjustable armrests such as the solid armrests in some emergency exit rows, as these seats seperate people’s hips with a solid armrest that is mounted between the seats.